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Fibre Channel configuration support?

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The Question is:

Is the following configuration supported ?
1 Alpha 4100
2 fibre channel host bus adapters
2 fibre channel switches (san switch 8)
2 RA8000 each with one (1) HSG80 controller.
1 RA8000 is on the local site
1 RA8000 is at a distance of approximatly 100 meters.
One both RA8000's is a raidset configured and mounted on the alpha 4100.
Within VMS they want to create a shadowset of those two mounted disks.
The problem I see is that due to propagation delay on the fibrechannel bus the
 IO's on the first volume (the volume on the nearby site) are faster than on
 the second volume. Can VMS handle this problem and not run out on buffers.
Erwin C.S. van Londen
Compaq ASE Pro Storageworks.

The Answer is :

  Information on Fibre Channel configuration support is available at:
  OpenVMS uses Fibre Channel as a storage interconnect, and does not
  perform host-to-host communications over Fibre Channel.  This means
  that all nodes connected to Fibre Channel storage will also need to
  share one (or more) communications interconnections.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-AUG-2000 )

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