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Complex network planning?

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The Question is:

I want to estimate the amount of network trafic that will be generated through
 the implementation of DNS on out WAN's and LAN's.
At this moment the mainly used network protocol is DECnet phase IV and in the
 next two years we will migrate to TCP/IP.
I thought that I should gather (for each node): the number of created
 connections and/or the number of times that the NCP database hase been asked
 for a DECnet adres, in a particular periode.
Can you tell if these counters exist and how to do that?
Thanks in advance,
Jos Hollaar

The Answer is :

  The data on the requests that you seek are generally not tracked in the
  DECnet counters (connection counters are available), and -- given the
  more common use of IP DNS on more recent DECnet and on IP networks, and
  particularly given the caching and even the use of local IP and DECnet
  host databases -- not particularly useful in determining the expected
  network load for name serving operations.
  Further, the Wizard would also be more far concerned with the latency of
  DNS requests, rather than the bandwidth consumed -- you can also use
  local DNS servers to reduce the general latency, and this also has the
  benefit of keeping more of this traffic on the local network segments.
  More detailed research will likely involve a far more detailed look
  at your network, with considerations around the particular scale of
  your network, the current and expected network communications links,
  the current and expected growth patterns, at security and monitoring
  requirements, and at a variety of other considerations.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-JUL-2000 )

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