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DECnet FTAM TSAP OSAK Configuration NCL?

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The Question is:

Hi wizard,
We are using Alpha 4000 machine and running under OPENVMS 6.2 1H3, currently we
 are configuring FTAM protocol to deal with other machine.
As we know that the remote entities FTAM parameters is stored in
 sys$system:isoapplications.dat, how we change our local PSEL, SSEL and TSEL
 value just like
the entry in sys$system:isoapplications.dat. We searched no way to get the
 local value RMS.FTAM.OSIF.
Thanks in advance.

The Answer is :

  SYS$STARTUP:OSIF$STARTUP.COM has an example of the NCL needed to
  create an OSAK Application, such that the OSAK Server can accept
  an inbound FTAM connection.
$ ncl create osak application -
$ ncl create osak application -
        """RMS""/""FTAM""/'0109'h/NS+,CLNS" -
        invocation [ap = -1, ae = -1]
$ ncl set osak application -
        """RMS""/""FTAM""/'0109'h/NS+,CLNS" -
        invocation [ap = -1, ae = -1] startup information -
$ ncl set osak applicsyion -
        """RMS""/""FTAM""/'0109'h/NS+,CLNS" startup -
        policy =new

answer written or last revised on ( 29-AUG-2000 )

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