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BACKUP not completing?

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The Question is:

I have an image backup problem on a VAX 3100-98 running VMS 6.2, with shadowing.
When I start an image backup on one of the system disk, I got stuck after a
I use the following command:
BACKUP/IMA/LO/REW disk_name: tape_name:saveset_name.bck/SAVE
I've done an analyze, but I did not get any errors. Here the command I used :
ANA/DISK/REPAIR/CONF shadowset_name:
I've also tried other thing, such as note down the last file backuped, and
 copied the following one to get a higher version of it, renamed the lower
 version and marked it as nobackup. When I do this and then restart an image
 backup, it runs for a while an
d stops on an other file.
I've also tried to make an image backup from one system disk to the other one
 but I also get stuck.
Do you have any idea on the way to solve this problem ?

The Answer is :

  Install the available ECO for BACKUP kit, the XQP, Shadowing, and other
  mandatory ECO kits, check the SCSI bus configuration for validity, check
  the device and controller firmware revisions, check that the process quotas
  match the documented quota requirements, and then (if the problem persists)
  please contact the customer support center -- details on the state of BACKUP
  and the OpenVMS system and the particular devices involved (when it gets
  stuck) will very likely be required in order to resolve this.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-JUL-2000 )

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