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Remote network file access?

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The Question is:

Hey Wizard,
I have a plain text data file on an Open VMS 6.2H3 machine running on an alpha
 server. I need to have access to that data file from my NT Workstation,
 specifically by a CGI program that reads data from the file and displays it on
 the web through Apache We
b Server installed on NT.
What is the approach I need to take to connect to the remote data file and pull
 data off it? I have written the code to search for the text needed. All I need
 is a way to connect to that remote text data file. Please provide suggestions.

The Answer is :

  FTP, DECnet, HTTP, COM, sneakernet, and a variety of other protocols
  (and techniques) can be used by OpenVMS systems and OpenVMS programmers
  to access data and/or to transfer data files to or from remote systems.
  OpenVMS can also serve local data and local data files directly to
  remote systems via various protocols such as SCS, NFS, and SMB.
  And of course, most web servers also permit a web page to combine the
  display of data from local storage (or CGI) and data returned from a
  web page (or CGI) via a web server on another platform.
  If you need or if you seek help with programming Microsoft Windows NT
  or with Windows NT tools, APIs, and comminucations, then you have
  unfortunately reached the wrong Wizard.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-JUL-2000 )

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