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OpenVMS VAX distribution media kits?

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The Question is:

We have a software upgrade agreement and were shipped OpenVMS 7.2.. A prior
 admin in this company specified TK50 Media which is what we got.  We are now
 doing our upgrades but wish to use a CD media.  How do we obtain the same
 upgrade we have on TK50 on C

The Answer is :

  Consider ordering the CD-ROM media and/or consider direct contact with
  the Compaq contract adminstrator or ISV/VAR that provided you with the
  Various relevent kit part numbers are included in the OpenVMS Software
  Product Description (SPD).
  If you have sufficient disk storage available, you can relocate (copy)
  the relevent savesets from TK50 onto local disk and greatly speed the
  whole upgrade process.  (The core OpenVMS VAX savesets involved in an
  upgrade of OpenVMS are named VMS072.% and DECW072.% -- the former
  contains the OpenVMS files while the latter contains the operating
  system files that are necessary to support the separately-installed
  DECwindows package; these DECW072.% files are not the DECwindows
  package itself.)
  You can also build the OpenVMS VAX standalone BACKUP environment onto
  a local data disk, should you need to perform a system disk BACKUP or
  That said, the OpenVMS Wizard does prefer to use CD over TK media.
  The OpenVMS Wizard also currently expects that V7.3 may well be the
  last OpenVMS VAX release that is available on TK and magtape media,
  with subsequent OpenVMS VAX releases available (only) on CD-ROM media.
  (This change particularly due to the inavailability of the TK media.)

answer written or last revised on ( 27-JUL-2000 )

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