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Problems with telnet and eight-bit?

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The Question is:

I upgraded from UCX 4.2 to UCX 5.0.
UCX SHOW VERSION reports 5.0
Now, some of our Telnet CLIENT apps do not run correctly. They require full
 8-bit binary mode and it appears that UCX is stripping out
some 8-bit values.
The telnet client app is definitely not seeing the 0xff value.
Again, this worked on UCX 4.2.
How do I fix this Telnet problem or tell the Telnet server to start up in 8-bit

The Answer is :

  Please use TCP/IP V5.0A.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center, as details of the
  client application and of the OpenVMS host terminal settings will be

answer written or last revised on ( 31-JUL-2000 )

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