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The Question is:

The command analyse/error produces the message %ERF-F-CEHFND, New header format
 found. Install DECevent and run conversion utility.
DECevent 3.1 is installed and the current errorlog has been renamed/deleted.
How do I use the mentioned conversion utility ?

The Answer is :

  The following tool was intended to be included in the OpenVMS
  distribution as SYS$EXAMPLE:ANALYZE_ERROR.COM.  (The OpenVMS
  Wizard expects that a future OpenVMS release will include this
  example, or one similar to it.)
$! analyze_error.com
$! The contents and the format of the errlog.sys file
$! has changed. This renders the analyze/error utility
$! unusable. But the latest Decevent kits contain a
$! utility that converts the new-style errlog files
$! back into the old style errlog files which analyze/error
$! does understand. It is intended to be a template for
$! users to adapt to their own needs.
$! Inputs:
$!      p1 : If present, the name of the file to convert.
$!           If absent, defaults to sys$errorlog:errlog.sys
$!      p2 : If present, output file name for the converted file.
$!           If absent, a temp file is created, then deleted
$! This .com file will:
$!      1) look for the conversion utility
$!      2) If found, convert the new file to old
$!      3) Issue the analyze/error command
$!      4) If no p2, then delete the temporary old-style file.
$ if f$search("sys$system:decevent_cvt_cef.exe") .eqs. ""
$ then write sys$output "Decevent version 2.9 or greater must be installed"
$ then write sys$output "Decevent version 2.9 or greater must be installed"
$      exit
$ endif
$! Check for parameters
$ if p1 .eqs. ""
$ then
$    errfile = "sys$errorlog:errlog.sys"
$ else
$    errfile = "'p1
$ endif
$ delete_file = 1
$ if p2 .eqs. ""
$ then
$   outfile = "sys$errorlog:errlogold.sys"
$ else
$   delete_file = 0
$   outfile = "'p2
$! Do the conversion
$cvt 'errfile  'outfile
$analyze/error 'outfile
$if delete_file .eq. 1
$ then
$   delete :==$delete
$   delete sys$errorlog:errlogold.sys;

answer written or last revised on ( 31-JUL-2000 )

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