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Resolving LICENSE LOAD error? (EXCEEDED)

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The Question is:

   I can't load this Cobol licence this is the terminal output when I try to
 load it.
Any ideas on whats going wrong ?
Heres the output from license list cobol /full...
Use CTRL/Z to exit, PF3-PF4 for Previous-Next Screen and Arrow Keys to
 License Management Facility
 License Database File:       SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE]LMF$LICENSE.LDB;1
 Created on:                  27-AUG-1988
 Created by user:             SYSTEM
 LMF Version:                 V1.0
 Issuer:                      DEC
 Authorization:               ALS-PK-89182-9
 Product Name:                COBOL
 Producer:                    DEC
 Units:                       300
 Version:                     0.0
 Release Date:                (none)
 PAK Termination Date:        (none)
 Availability:                F (Layered Products)
 Activity:                    0
 Options:                     MOD_UNITS
 Hardware ID:
 Revision Level:              3
 Status:                      Active
 Modified by user:            SYSTEM
 Modified on:                 28-JUL-2000 14:42:14.17
Here's what happens when I try to load the license.
BERMDB$ show license cobol
Active licenses on node BERMDB:
%SHOW-I-NOLICMATCH, no licenses match search criteria
BERMDB$ license load cobol
%LICENSE-W-NOLOAD, license was not loaded for COBOL
-LICENSE-F-EXCEEDED, attempted usage exceeds active license limits

The Answer is :

  If the following information is insufficient to determine the cause,
  please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center directly for
  assistance in resolving this.
 EXCEEDED,  attempted usage exceeds active license limits
  Facility:     LICENSE, License Management Utility
  Explanation:  A license exists for the product, but one of the following
                problems occurred:
                o An attempt was made to activate a license on a processor
                  that requires more license units to provide availability
                  than the units currently registered for the product.
                  This message can be generated at system startup or when
                  a LICENSE LOAD command is entered.
                o An attempt was made to access a product with an activity
                  license. The product license specifies activity
                  authorization, and there were insufficient units on your
                  system to permit another concurrent user of the product.
  User Action:  For the first problem, see your system manager. For the second
                problem, access the product when other users have finished
                using it.

answer written or last revised on ( 1-AUG-2000 )

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