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DECnet Event Messages, circuit down?

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The Question is:

What is the difference between DECnet event 4.7 and DECnet event 4.8?
The system in question has been working fine for months.  Now, I'm getting an
Message from DECnet on CVMS.
DECnet event 4.7, circuit down, circuit fault.
I am not getting the event:
DECnet event 4.8, circuit down.
Also, where can I find documentation (besides through the help screens)
 defining what each event code means?

The Answer is :

  Pointers to the DECnet Phase IV technical specifications are in the FAQ.
  Event 4.7 can be caused by:
    Adjacent node address change
      The address changed without its normal initialization sequence
    Adjacent node address out of range
      Compare the value of the local executor maximum address setting
      with the addresses used on the DECnet network, looking for nodes
      with values above this setting.  Raise the maximum address
      setting, or lower the value(s) of the remote node address(es).
    Adjacent node block size too small
      The adjacent node's setting for line block size is just too small.
    Adjacent node listener receive timeout
      The remote node is not answering, and probably down.
    Adjacent node listener received invalid data
    Call failed (X.25)
    Data errors (the line exceeded an error threshold)
    Invalid verification seed value (bad routing initialization message)
    Line synchronization lost
    Routing update checksum error
    Unexpected packet type (unusual protocol message sequence received)
    Verification password required for Phase III node
    Verification receive timeout
    Version skew
  Event 4.8 can be caused by:
    for any of the reasons in 4.7.  Also includes the packet header
    and the circuit name.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-AUG-2000 )

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