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OpenVMS Mixed-Version Cluster Support?

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The Question is:

Is it possible to cluster an alpha server ds20e running vms v7.2 with a
 4000/100 running vms v6.2 both systems would maintain a separate uaf sharing
 disks on the alpha. At present the vms 6.2 operating system resides on the
 internal drive in the 4000/100.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume this is an OpenVMS VAX 4000 model 100
  running OpenVMS VAX V6.2 and not an AlphaServer 4100 running OpenVMS
  Alpha V6.2 (as the former is supported and the latter requires V6.2-1H3).
  If this is the VAX 4000 model 100 OpenVMS VAX system, the OpenVMS Wizard
  recommends an immediate upgrade to OpenVMS VAX V7.2 -- there should be no
  user-mode and no kernel-mode problems encountered with any OpenVMS VAX
  upgrade from V6.0 onward.
  Multiple (uncoordinated) authorization databases (SYSUAF, etc, files)
  operating within the same OpenVMS Cluster are not recommended and are
  not supported.
  For the OpenVMS Cluster compatibility support matrix of OpenVMS versions
  and for the definitions for warranted and migration support, please see
  the associated OpenVMS Cluster Software Product Description (SPD).
  SPDs are available at:
  The OpenVMS Cluster SPD is available at:

answer written or last revised on ( 7-AUG-2000 )

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