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Hobbyist Seeks Installation Media?

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The Question is:

Mr. Wizard,
Me:  Hobbyist
System:  MicroVAX II, standalone (non-networked)
OS:  VMS V5.5-2
Storage Devices:  TK-50, 2-5.25" floppy's, 2-HD's
My MVII has no file transfer software that I know of.  I'd like to install
 Kermit so that it can send/receive files to/from a Windows98 PC.
Q: Is there a way to get Kermit onto the MVII without using the TK-50 or a

The Answer is :

  Consider acquiring current OpenVMS VAX distribution as well as a TCP/IP
  Services distribution on TK50 media from another hobbyist.  These two
  packages will permit you to send and receive files and send and receive
  mail messages via standard IP networking protocols.
  With a standalone BACKUP kit on TK50 media, you can very easily upgrade
  (or often rather better for an "acquired" system or any system with a
  questionable software configuration) reinstall a clean version of OpenVMS
  VAX and layered products.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would normally recommend the acquisition of a CD-ROM
  drive (and specifically one with support for 512 byte blocks), but that
  proposition is rather more difficult for Q-bus systems than for more
  recent MicroVAX and VAX and Alpha systems with native SCSI.  (In addition
  to acquiring the CD-ROM drive, you will need a SCSI controller such as
  the KZQSA or the KFQSA/HSD pair, and you will need to correctly reconfigure
  your Q-bus for this purpose.  This effort could easily exceed the cost and
  effort involved in acquiring a (far faster) MicroVAX or VAXstation or VAX
  or Alpha system with native SCSI support.  You will also have access to
  rather larger disks than are feasible on typical MicroVAX II systems with
  the RQDXn series controller -- short of the KDA50 and RA60/RA7x/RA8x/RA89x
  series disks, or KFQSA/DSSI, or KFQSA/HSD and SCSI, or third-party Q-bus
  to SCSI, you are limited to disks under 0.2 GB each.)
  Please contact the maintainer(s) of Kermit for assistance with this
  third-party package.
  Mr?  Assumptions of gender are perilous at best.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-AUG-2000 )

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