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Thread-safety of TCP/IP RPC?

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The Question is:

Is RPC namely svc_getreqset() thread save and reentrant?
We have a "Gateway" useing rpc to acces our control system. Since some of the
 requests need several seconds to produce an answer wile others are fast, we
 would like to write a multithreaded server to service concurent requests. What
 precautions are needed
 and what is provided in the tcpip rpc library to allow paralel execution of
 multiple requests.

The Answer is :

  Recent Compaq C, TCP/IP Services $qio, and the TCP/IP socket libraries
  are generally thread-safe.  The TCP/IP Services RPC (as opposed to the
  various other RPCs available) does not, AFATWK, generate thread-safe

answer written or last revised on ( 9-AUG-2000 )

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