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C++ symbol name mangling and decoration?

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The Question is:

I am a Windows C++ developer who are writing a program under Compaqs "COM for
 OpenVMS". The program is a C-main program which calls COBOL subroutines.
The C compiler or OpenVMS linker emits decorated entry point symbols. How do I
 turn that off?
The COBOL subroutine is called "abc123". C program does a function call
 "abc123( some_args );" and the linker complains about "abc123_@1%1&" being an
 unresolved external.
Greatful for all help!

The Answer is :

  A specific example of the OpenVMS C or C++ source code that demonstrates
  the problem would have been quite useful here -- without this information,
  the OpenVMS Wizard can only provide a general answer and a recommendation
  to contact the Customer Support Center.
  Neither Compaq C nor the OpenVMS LINKER will decorate symbols.
  Compaq C++ does decorate symbols (this decoration permits the compiler
  to indicate the function and argument types involved, and thus permits
  the overloading of the functions that is expected for C++), and this
  decoration can be disabled via the use of the extern "C" linkage.  For
  extern "C"
    extern int ExternSymbol(void *);
    extern int OtherExternSymbol(void *);
  For general information on C and C++ programming on OpenVMS, please
  see the OpenVMS FAQ, the shareable image cookbook (a pointer is in the
  FAQ), the available documentation on symbol mangling and on symbol
  decorating, and the OpenVMS calling standard manual for a description
  of the OpenVMS argument passing mechanisms.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-AUG-2000 )

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