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Network design? (DECnet DDCMP)

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The Question is:

What are the hardware and software requirements to make a static DDCMP
 connection from an Alpha to a VAX.

The Answer is :

  Any number of point-to-point synchronous network connection options
  are available (and even a few asynchronous/dial-up options), with the
  key questions involving such considerations as the required network
  bandwidth, latency, security, and availability requirements.
  Also involved in the discussion are the particular models of VAX and
  Alpha systems assuming that host-based connections are prefered, and
  also the particular DECnet Phase involved.
  Also of interest in the network design will be an evaluation of the
  need (if any) for firewalls or other network access controls.
  And, of course, information on the distance between the two systems
  (or two LANs).
  At its simplest, most any pair of IP router boxes (Ethernet connection
  on one side, and a point-to-point connection on the other) will work
  here, assuming DECnet-Plus (and thus DECnet-over-IP) is available.
  (Dedicated IP router boxes or switches are often rather easier to
  locate than DECnet DDCMP router boxes.)
  Other options include IP tunnels via the open Internet, and various
  protocol-independent devices such as a network bridge or a switch.
  Determination of the available network hardware usually entails a
  discussion with the local wireline, or with (in certain cases) the
  satellite or other wireless circuit providers, and the necessary
  bandwidth required.
  Asynchronous DDCMP is not available on OpenVMS Alpha systems.  The
  use of an out-board router capable of asynchronous (or synchronous)
  DDMCP may be an option here.
  Compaq Professional Services can assist in the determination and
  the configuration of the necessary network connection.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-AUG-2000 )

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