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Using AlphaStation 255 serial ports?

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The Question is:

I4m working in a Plataform of Petrobras and we  have 4 alpha stations Digital
 model 255/233.
I would like to use the two serial ports from the station for serial
 comunication, but only TTA0: work. I 4d like to work with TTB0: too. How can i
 do it ?
thanks in advance

The Answer is :

    	Assuming the system has a TTB0 present it should just work.  The
    hardware in the system and the driver for TTA0 and TTB0 are the same.
    If you do not have a TTB0 then if the systems have a graphic head and
    a directly connected keyboard fo the following from the console >>>
    	>>> set console graphic
    	>>> init
    	This will cause the system to boot using the graphic console and
    free up the hardware so that it can be used as a terminal port.  You
    need to have V7.0 or later of VMS for this to work.  Prior to that the
    second serial port was always controlled by the console firmware.
    	If you in fact have a TTB0 port and it is not working please log a
    support call with exact details of what is not working.  Small code
    examples (a couple of 100 lines with comments at most) showing the
    problem really help.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-AUG-2000 )

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