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Language-independent definition files? (SDL)

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The Question is:

Is there a fortran to C header file converter for OpenVMS.  I can only find
 tools for unix ie. f2c.  I have written my own converter, however I would be
 interested in comparing it to an existing version. What would be nice would be
 C code I could compile
and run on the alpha.  Alternatively, would it be feasible to port f2c to
David Crook

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS SDL tool (available on the OpenVMS Freeware) will provide
  language-specific include files from a language-independent definition
  file.  Back-ends are available for C, Fortran, Bliss, Ada, PL/I, SDML
  and other languages.  SDL documentation is included on the Freeware.
  Also available on the OpenVMS Freeware is the GNM tool, which permits
  the creation of a common set of files for the error messages and the
  recovery, files which are then converted into documentation (in SDML
  format accepted as input by the DOCUMENT package) and an equivilent
  message definition file (in the MSG format accepted as input by the
  OpenVMS MESSAGE compiler).
  The OpenVMS MESSAGE compiler also provides the (undocumented) /SDL
  switch, which causes the MESSAGE compiler to generate an SDL-format
  output file based on the MSG file input.  This output file can then
  be converted into the necessary language-specific include files using
  the aforementioned SDL compiler.
  To get the 64-bit format _NEW_STARLET files used on OpenVMS Alpha,
  typically commands such as the following SDL commands are used:
  The OpenVMS Wizard would expect that the f2c code could be ported to
  OpenVMS.  Not having looked at the f2c code, the OpenVMS Wizard cannot
  make that statement with any degree of certainty.  (Obviously, someone
  may well have already ported f2c to OpenVMS.)

answer written or last revised on ( 15-AUG-2000 )

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