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Networking an antique VAX?

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The Question is:

VMS Version 4.5 DEC Vax 630 Q5
I have a VAX/VMS 4.5 Microvax II with 16 serial ports on the back plane. I want
 to use one of the serial ports to communicate with an NT server running server
 version 4.0 or 5.0 (latest). I thought about TCP/IP, DECnet and serial line
 point-to-point commu
nication methods. The best I think would be to use Async Decnet between the PC
 and the MicroVax. I am looking for suggestions on the PC side, on what product
 to use for establishing DECnet on Windows NT. I also would like to know what
 components are neede
d on the MicroVax to establish the DECnet link with Windows NT. Alternative
 suggestions are welcome.

The Answer is :

  Acquire a DELQA Ethernet controller -- point-to-point serial connections
  are not usually worth the time and effort, particularly if the systems
  involved are located within the supported diameter of an Ethernet network.
  A DEQNA Ethernet controller is another alternative given the vintage of
  this system, but the DELQA is the prefered controller and the DEQNA itself
  is not supported starting in the V5.4 and the V5.5 releases of OpenVMS VAX.
  There is a DECnet stack for Windows NT available as part of the PATHWORKS
  Client product, though the OpenVMS Wizard would typically recommend the
  use of IP on both hosts.
  It might also be simpler and easier (and faster) to replace the circa 1986
  MicroVAX II with a more recent VAX system or to OpenVMS Alpha -- the
  MicroVAX II is the slowest VAX still supported by OpenVMS VAX.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume that you are aware that an operating system
  release as old as MicroVMS V4.5 (released in 1986) will require an uprade
  to something rather more current (eg: V5.5 or V7.2), as acquisition of
  layered product software (such as a TCP/IP stack) will be quite difficult.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is not in a position to recommend PC products.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-AUG-2000 )

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