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Remote printing (from DOS)?

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The Question is:

Recently our software vendor upgraded our alpha 800 server to VMS 7.2-1
 Pathworks 7.2a and TCP/IP 5.0a. We have a small network of PC's that are using
 tcp protocol to access the server and print shares.  We use a DOS database
 produced by ALPHA software na
med ALPHA4v6.  We have been printing with no problem from 4 PC's to our print
 ques.  After the upgrade we can not print from any of our PC's through the
 pathworks print shares. The program can print from one PC that has a printer
 connected to the LPT port
, so I think the program is OK.  When we send something to the printer through
 the print ques we only get a small part of the page printed(depending on what
 we send, form, letter, report, i.e.)and we get a print error message from the
 DOS program.  The me
ssgae is a standard print error messaaage that we would get if the printer was
 out of paper.  I have tried different print drivers from the program but they
 all do the same thing.
Could one or more of the upgrades have caused the print ques not to accept DOS
 printing or could this be a setup problem with the print ques.  The vendor did
 have to rebuild all the print ques, but they appear to be the same as they were.
Thank You

The Answer is :

  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center, or have your software
  vendor contact the support center -- Advanced Server and OpenVMS and
  TCP/IP Services will all permit various sorts of remote printing, and
  (quite obviously) existing and supported printing configurations should
  continue to operate correctly after product upgrades.
  Information on the specific configuration and printer(s) will be required
  by the customer support center, as well as the relevent contents of host
  log files associated with the particular printing mechanism(s) used.
  (In other words, resolving this will likely take some digging around.)

answer written or last revised on ( 21-AUG-2000 )

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