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Default Directory Protections?

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The Question is:

what should i do, if i would like to define a default permission of directory
 file (.dir)?

The Answer is :

  If the OpenVMS Wizard understands the question correctly, please
  skim through the OpenVMS security manual for information on the
  following OpenVMS security features:
    o default protection ACE documentation
      This permits the establishment of a default protection mask for
      files created in the directory.
    o the options=default setting within identifier ACEs
      Permits adding ACEs to files automatically, based on the settings
      on the parent directory
    o the resource identifier and associated identifier ACE.
      Permits establishing shared areas, both for file ownerships and
      for disk quotas and such.  Useful for directories associated with
      development projects or shared databases, and for setting up shared
      scratch storage areas.
    o the subsystem identifier mechanism.
      These identifiers can be assigned to executable images, and can
      be used to control access to associated resources and objects
      (queues, data files, global sections, etc).
  All of the above features are documented in detail in the security
  For individual users, the SET SECURITY/DEFAULT command and the system
  parameter RMS_FILEPROT can be of interest -- these set the protection
  mask used by the process by default.  (This process default protection
  mask may or may not be relevent to the particular question you intended
  to ask.)
  Some (or all) of these (typically ACL-based mechanisms) should address
  (at least one interpretation of) the question.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-AUG-2000 )

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