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LMF license unit requirements?

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The Question is:

We will be transferring a  CMS license (and others) from a VAX 4000-705A to a
 VAX 4000-600.  When installing the CMS license on the 4000-600, a message of
 "attempted usage exceeds active license limits" is encountered.
The 705a has a 45 VUP rating and the 600 has a 32 VUP rating.  Why would a less
 powerful machine appear to need more license units?

The Answer is :

      For the typical LMF license unit requirements, please see:
      As for discussions of the determinations and the differing licensing
      ratings, or specifically of the licensing of the KA690 and KA691 CPUs
      used in the VAX 4000 model 600 and VAX 4000 model 600A respectively,
      that is something well outside what the OpenVMS Wizard can comment on.

answer written or last revised on ( 1-APR-2003 )

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