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Firmware failsafe loader (AlphaStation 400)?

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The Question is:

I am looking for a jumper diagram of the CPU card in the AlphaStation 400 4/266
 system.  I am specifically interested in the position of the failsafe update
 floppy boot jumper on the 4/266 CPU card.  I have been quite unsuccessful in
 attempts to find info
rmation about the 4/266 in the online Compaq documentation pages and the usual
 FAQs.  I appreciate any help.

The Answer is :

  The firmware failsafe loader on the AlphaStation 400 is enabled via
  jumper on the CPU module (as differentiated from the jumpers on the
  motherboard).  The CPU module plugs into the motherboard.
  With the CPU module connection fingers held upward and the CPU and
  its associated headsink oriented to the right, the firmware failsafe
  loader is enabled via the jumper (J5) located closest to the fingers
  -- setting J5 from pins 1 to 2 enables the locate, and pins 2 to 3 is
  The middle jumper (J4) of the lower three jumpers (from left to right,
  J3, J4, and J6, with J6 near the heatsink) enables flash writes, and
  should be connected from pins 1 to 2.
  Jumper J6 (nearest the heatsink) switches the front-panel button from
  reset (pins 1 to 2) to halt (pins 2 to 3).
  J3 controls the SROM mini-console, and is normally set pins 2 to 3.
      --               -----------
      |                ========== |  AlphaStation 400
    --       J5        ====CPU=== |  CPU Module
    |                  =heatsink= |  (Plugs into
    |     J3 J4     J6 ========== |  motherboard)

answer written or last revised on ( 23-AUG-2000 )

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