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OpenVMS Graphic Controller Support Plans?

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The Question is:

I have a dec personal workstation 433au with a 4d40t graphics controller.  The
 controller works fine when I am running unix but when I run openvms the
 graphics device is not recognized by the operating system.
I have been told that their are software updates for vms 7.2-1 to solve this
What software patches do I need.
Rgds rich

The Answer is :

  As of this writing, the prefered (and OpenVMS-supported) graphics
  controllers are:
    PowerStorm 4D10T series (PBXGK-AA,-AB, -BB)
       aka ELSA GLoria Synergy series (PBXGK-AA,-AB, -BB)
    PowerStorm 300 (PBXGD-AD)
    PowerStorm 350 (PBXGD-AE)
  Please see the August 2000 (or later) OpenVMS FAQ for details and needed
  ECO/driver kits and for related details for these particular controllers.
  Other common (used) (OpenVMS-supported) (speedy) controllers include the
    PowerStorm 3D30 (PBXGB-AA)
    PowerStorm 4D20 (PBXGB-CA)
  OpenVMS does *NOT* support the following grapbics controllers:
    PowerStorm 4D40T (PBXGI-AA)
    PowerStorm 4D50T (PBXGI-AB)
    PowerStorm 4D51T (PBXGI-AD)
    PowerStorm 4D60T (PBXGI-AC)
    DEC864 (PBXGA-JA)
  There are presently no plans to add OpenVMS support for these older (and
  no longer available) graphics controllers.
  Please see the OpenVMS Roadmap at the OpenVMS Website for the current plans
  around adding new support for particular new graphics controllers.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-AUG-2000 )

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