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DECnet and SCSNODE node names? ($creprc)

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The Question is:

sys$creprc() fails when we pass  the DECnet PH V nodename args.

The Answer is :

  Please see the OpenVMS FAQ for the (long) list of different names
  that a particular OpenVMS system can have.
  The DECnet node name, IP host name, LAT service name, and various
  other names are not the same as the name used for the OpenVMS Cluster
  Systems Communications Services (SCS) SCSNODE setting.
  The system service call sys$getsyi or similar would typically be used
  to retrieve the SCSNODE nodename values of the local node or of all
  cluster members.
  When creating processes on other nodes within an OpenVMS
  Cluster, please pass (only) the SCSNODE nodename value.

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