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Linking applications during installation? (C++)

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The Question is:

C++ and CXXLINK and Licensing.
We need to link C++ produced object code at sites which we earlier didn't need
 C++ license. Now CXXLINK is needed and we now wounder if the C++ licence is
 needed on the target Alpha.
We are running OpenVms 7.1,7.2 for Alpha and C++ 6.x

The Answer is :

  If the SPD does not answer your question, please contact your Compaq
  reseller or the regional Compaq pre-sales support team.
  The OpenVMS Wizard cannot recommend linking packages on-site, as it tends
  to lead to maintenance problems and it also probably does not accomplish
  what the product installer intended it to, and it makes it rather more
  difficult to use installation tools such as PCSI.
  The SPD allows the C++ runtime support to be redistributed with products.
  That obviously includes LIBCXXSTD.OLB.
  CXXLINK provides two major functions:
    - Seeks out and adds template instantiations (if needed)
    - adds SYS$LIBRARY:LIBCXXSTD.OLB to the linker input
  The second of these functions is for runtime support requirements.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would suggest a straight OpenVMS LINK be attempted,
  and see what is undefined.  You can use CXXLINK/LOG to see what CXXLINK
  is doing, and mimic that in the product's installation procedures.
  If the package makes use of of automatic template instantiation, then the
  files in the [.cxx_repository] directory will need be packaged with the
  If std::new() is used, or if exception support -- required by most of the
  new standard library -- then the contents of libcxxstd.olb will need to
  ne included with the product.   The test link will provide some idea of
  what is used.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-AUG-2000 )

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