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Replacment RD54 disk not functional?

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The Question is:

Our Vax-3200 microcomputer contains two RD54 hardisks which are label as "DUA0"
 and "DUA1" respectively.  The DUA0 is system disk and the DUA1 is the data
 disk.  Recently, The DUA1 hardisk had broken down and was replaced by a new
 RD54 hardisk.  I could u
se the "Show Dev" command in the console mode to show both DUA0 and DUA1 are
 RD54 disk after replacement.  But, when I used the "B DUAO:" command in the
 console mode to start the VMS, the VMS was unable to boot up completely. The
 Vax-3200 kept seaching th
e new DUA1 hardisk for more than 1 hours and failed to stop.  And, I could boot
 up the VMS completely if I powered off the DUA1 before issuing the "B DUA0:"
 command. Please advise how to set up the new DUA1 hardisk for restoring the
 application programs b
ackup from the magnetic tape to the new DUA1 hardisk??

The Answer is :

  It would appear that at least one of the RD54 disks in the system is
  not correctly configured, or that there is another related problem
  with the Q-bus configuration or the hardware.  Please contact your
  hardware service organization for assistance in resolving this, as
  it appears that the replacement process has not been completed.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-AUG-2000 )

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