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OpenVMS on PWS-a series?

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The Question is:

I am attempting to boot from a cd-rom and after the "Jumping to bootstrap"
 message appears I get a can't locate file error, specifically
 SYS$CPU_ROUTINES_E0105.EXE.  The file is not included on my OpenVMS software
 distribution kit ({SYS0.SYSCOMMON.SYS$LDR
] directory contains all of these files but not this one. The number sequence
 of the files doesn't go that high - ie I go up 1 SYS$CPU_ROUTINES_1Bxx.exe).
 Is this file name calculated from some parameters in the firmware or system
 that informs which file
 to be used for startup.  And if it is - what do I need to do to get it
 corrected firmware - hardware - software?
Thank You

The Answer is :

  You appear to have an Alpha platform that is not supported by OpenVMS.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will guess that this unspecified Alpha system is a
  Digital Personal Workstation -a series box.  Please see the previous
  discussions here in the Ask The Wizard area on the (lack of) OpenVMS
  support for the -a series boxes.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-AUG-2000 )

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