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OpenVMS printing via PC printer?

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The Question is:

We have a vax based system which we call CLSTR1. I am an end user. When in the
 office we currently print application information to a networked printer HP
 laserjet 5Si.
When we are on site and logged onto the vax remotely we would like to print to
 an offline printer such as a Canon bubblejet connected to our laptops.
Are their any printer drivers that we can download that will allow us to keep
 the vax format without having to copy and paste documents into MS Word etc
 before printing.

The Answer is :

  OpenVMS can serve files to PC systems via various protocols (via
  PATHWORKS or Advanced Server or SAMBA), which would appear to be one
  approach available here.  Assuming the use of a terminal emulator and
  serial communications, another possibility involves printing to an
  emulator-supported attached printer.
  Other approaches include the "Print to Port" option of the OpenVMS-based
  application.   An example of this can be found in the Compaq Office Server
  (formerly ALL-IN-1) application.
  Alternatively, utilize the (unsupported) PWPRINT tool.  This tool is
  available on the PATHWORKS 32 CD-ROM media in the unsupported:
  directory.  The directory contains a help file and installation instructions.
  Please note this tool is considered unsupported.
  Details of how PWPRINT works: a PWPRINT "client" is installed on OpenVMS.
  A PWPRINT Server is installed on the client PC to "Listen" to print jobs
  coming from OpenVMS.  The concern with a travelling laptop is that the
  OpenVMS print queue needs to be set up with a static DECNET or TCP/IP
  Address.  The queue will obviously stall when the laptop is removed
  from the network and will have to be restarted when needed.
  Without specific details of how the remote connection is made and
  details of the particular PC-side enviroment, a more specific answer
  or recommendation is quite difficult.  (And the OpenVMS Wizard is not in
  a particular position to answer questions on third-party software running
  on the PC system.)

answer written or last revised on ( 8-MAY-2003 )

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