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Correct use of DCL LIBRARY command?

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The Question is:

I am trying to create a text file with an escape sequence that will remove a
 form feed from a printer.  I am trying to add this into the library my default
 is SYS$Library.  However, when I have tried to enter this new file I receive
$ library/insert/texthplaserrest.txt
%DCL-W-PARMDEL, invalid parameter delimiter - check use of special characters
Then I tried the file w/out the .txt extension:
$ library/insert/texthplaserrest
_Library: ?
At the library prompt should I put sys$library?
The file info is:
 ]VMS;2 \ P E \
which equals:
P.S. I am trying to find the web site to download DSN Link..

The Answer is :

  Please take a look at the available documentation for the librarian.
  You are clearly missing a space after the /text qualifier (qualifiers
  have a leading slash), and this particular librarian command will expect
  to have the filename of the text library followed by the filename of the
  module to insert -- these two filenames are known as command parameters,
  and parameters are usually delimited by spaces.
  From HELP LIBRARY /INSERT example:
           This LIBRARY command adds the module SCANLINE.OBJ to the
           library TESTLIB.OLB. The library is specified as input to the
           linker by the /LIBRARY qualifier on the LINK command. If the
           module TERMTEST.OBJ refers to any routines or global symbols
           not defined in TERMTEST, the linker searches the global symbol
           table of library TESTLIB.OLB to resolve the symbols.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-AUG-2000 )

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