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COM object creation, path?

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The Question is:

Recently,we have installed the Com for OpenVMS v1.1.  I registered an object
 using dcom$cnfg in the vms.  However, when I called up that registered object
 from the Windows nt side, it wouldn0t allow me to create that object at all.
 I presumed that I had
a wrong path specified for that object in NT registry.  In my case, do i
 specify the vms path that contain all the files (executable, obj.) of that
 object IN the nt registry or the right path for the DCOM registry itself in
 vms when stating the location o
f the object in nt?  thanks

The Answer is :

   The registry on each system contains the path to the executable images
   for the particular system.  i.e. the NT registry contains a path to the
   Microsoft Windows NT image and the OpenVMS registry contains a path to
   the Compaq OpenVMS image.
   The samples shipped with the COM for OpenVMS kit contain self registration
   code.   You can build and register any one of the samples using the supplied
   command file on OpenVMS and makefile on Windows NT, then examine the registry
   on each system to see how the applications are registered.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-SEP-2000 )

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