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Configuring Global Pages, Sections? (GPTFULL)

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The Question is:

"Global page table is full"
How can I calculate the correct size of the global page table for my
Thanks for the help.

The Answer is :

  The central system parameter involved in the size of the global page
  table is GBLPAGES, with the related parameter GBLSECTIONS sometimes
  also being involved.
  If you are the application vendor and wish to calculate the required
  global page table pages required, configure the development system with
  sufficient global page table pages free, use the f$getsyi itemcodes
  product baseline, invoke the application fully, and then query for the
  same values.  Subtract.  Add this to your documentation, using the MIN_
  or ADD_ syntax in the MODPARAMS.DAT file, and using AUTOGEN to then reset
  the size for your end-user(s) based on the (end-user updated) contents
  If you are an end-user, check the product documentation for the global
  page table size, and for instructions on MODPARAMS.DAT and AUTOGEN.
  The global page table can fragment, and this can be a factor if one
  or more applications are repeatedly stopped and restarted.
  As global pages are cheap, having a sufficient number of "extra" pages
  configured is not particularly expensive and often appropriate.
  Some of the related topics include (7752), (6536), and (5002).
 GPTFULL,  global page table is full
  Facility:     SYSTEM, System Services
  Explanation:  Not enough space is available in system memory to maintain
                information about global sections. This message indicates a
                system error resulting from insufficient allocated space in
                the global page table.
  User Action:  Notify your system operator or system manager to increase the
                SYSGEN parameter GBLPAGES.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-JUL-2002 )

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