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Downloaded PCSI ECO kit corrupt?

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The Question is:

I have downloaded patch UCX 4.1 from
but I have the error :
LINDA::REF>product install ucxeco_41_10 /source=dka0:[oraclev7_152]
 %PCSI-E-READERR, error reading
   -DDIS-E-TNF, invalid element syntax
 %PCSI-E-S_OPFAIL, operation failed
  %PCSIUI-E-ABORT, fatal error encountered - operation terminated

The Answer is :

  Assuming that this download was performed via an FTP binary transfer
  (and when presented with an unrecognized file type, some web browsers
  will default to binary and some to text), and assuming that the kit
  has been uncompressed (an extension of ".PCSI-DCX_AXPEXE" indicates
  the kit is a self-decompressing image and must be RUN before it can
  be installed), please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center as
  additional information will be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-SEP-2000 )

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