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Third-party hardware? (HP JetDirect 500x)

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The Question is:

We have openVMS v7.1-1H2 and UCX v4.2.  I would like to use ucx$telnetsym to
 print to an HP laserjet 2100 printer attached to port 1 of an HP Jet Direct
 500x.  I understand that I can set up a queue by doing something like:
$ INIT/QUEUE/START/ON="ip address:9100" -
/process=ucx$telnetsym -
/separate=(noflag,noburst,notrail) -
/retain=error -
/default=(nofeed) hp_queue_name
where ip address is that of the HP Jet Direct.
How do I specify port 1 of HP Jet Direct for the
printer of interest?

The Answer is :

  Please see topic 1020 for general information on printing.
  Please consider an upgrade to OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2 (or to V7.2-1)
  and to TCP/IP Services V5.0A.
  As for how the HP JetDirect 500x references its alternate port(s),
  please check the HP JetDirect documentation or with HP support.
  (The OpenVMS Wizard is not particularly familiar with third-party
  hardware and does not generally have access to it or to any related
  third-party product documentation, and would accordingly only be
  guessing as to how this was implemented.)

answer written or last revised on ( 7-SEP-2000 )

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