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Resolving integral windup saturation?

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The Question is:

what is Intrigal Windup Saturation?

The Answer is :

  Integral windup saturation would imply that process control or similar
  instrumentation is involved, that a controller is apparently saturated
  and with increasing error(s), and that oscillation or loss of process
  control can result.  Consider using the conditional integration, limited
  integration, or tracking anti-windup methods to avoid the consequences
  of the saturation.
  It is possible that certain settings within OpenVMS could result in
  forms of oscillation (such as the incrementation and decrementation
  of the working set, when values are not relatively prime), but OpenVMS
  is not normally directly involved in discussions of integrator windup.
  Accordingly, please contact the organizations or vendor(s) involved in
  supporting the local process control environment for assistance in
  resolving this problem.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-SEP-2000 )

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