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Third-party SCSI device integration?

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The Question is:

I connected a 9 track tape drive to my alpha ds20 system, running openvms
 7.2-1.  The device shows up as mka400 and even shows the device model number
 hp88780b when I do a show config from the boot prompt.  However, after booting
 up, I can't see the devic
e when doing show device from the system prompt.  This tape device was
 connected and working on a vax 4100a running openvms 6.2.  Any idea why I
 can't see the device from vms on the alpha?

The Answer is :

  The SRM console device configuration processing is rather more
  simple-minded than what occurs when OpenVMS actually tries to
  configure and use the device.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is not in a position to assist with third-party
  SCSI device integration -- the effort can range from trivial to the
  impossible, can potentially require extensive protocol-level debugging
  of SCSI activity, and can require OpenVMS and/or SCSI device and/or
  SCSI controller updates.  (The OpenVMS Wizard can and will help resolve
  problems of non-compliance with the SCSI specifications that might be
  found in the Compaq components of the configuration, of course.)
  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume that the system was powered off before
  the SCSI configuration was altered.  The OpenVMS Wizard will also assume
  that the device will correctly report itself to OpenVMS, and that it is
  compatible with the current SCSI controller and configuration, that the
  cabling is sufficiently short, and that it is correctly terminated, and
  that it has a unique SCSI unit number -- a unit number that is not
  duplicated by any other SCSI devices (or SCSI controllers) co-resident
  on the SCSI bus.  The usual SCSI suspects, in other words.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-SEP-2000 )

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