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Insufficient dynamic memory?

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The Question is:

we've got an Alpha Server 4100/512MB Ram and OpenVMS V6.2-1H3.
Last week our system crashed with the error "insufficient dynamic memory",
 because some running processes will filling the memory.
The page- and swapfile have i modified, but the system will crashed a few days
How can i realize that the server will swapped ? Which Systemparameter must i
 modified ?

The Answer is :

  When the OpenVMS operating system crashes, the output from CLUE CRASH
  should be provided to the Compaq Customer Support Center, as this will
  provide at least some details on what happened.  Your described symptoms
  of operations for a while followed by a failure would tend to imply a
  memory leak of some sort, probably in a privileged-mode component of a
  layered product or potentially within OpenVMS itself.
  Please do not abbreviate the error message text or the bugcheck code,
  and please remember to include the entire message as various (different)
  error messages can be rather similarly phrased.  The OpenVMS Wizard will
  assume that this error is "INSFMEM, insufficient dynamic memory" error.
  The INSFMEM error typically arises because process P1 space has been
  exhausted, or there is insufficient non-paged or paged dynamic memory
  (NPAGEDYN) for the request and resource waiting has been disabled.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would not generally expect a bugcheck to result
  from a process-level error, though if bugchecks are set to fatal or
  if the system is very tuned or if there is a problem in inner-mode
  (privileged-mode) code then most anything can happen.
  Increase the current process quotas for the username, and in particular
  increase the process PGFLQUOTA quota.  Increase CTLPAGES, PAGEDYN and
  NPAGEDYN in MODPARAMS.DAT.  Remove outdated entries in the file, and
  alter absolute parameter settings to relative (MIN_ or MAX_) or to
  additive (ADD_) settings when feasible -- do not prevent AUTOGEN from
  adjusting parameters, in other words.  Run AUTOGEN with FEEDBACK to
  increase these parameter settings and to adjust any other parameters
  that may need it.  Reboot.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-SEP-2000 )

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