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IP link redundancy? (NetRAIN)

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The Question is:

Does OpenVMS support a redundant NIC configuration on the Alpha platform? What
 we are looking at is one Alpha with 2 NICS attached to two different switches.
 If the switch that the active NIC is on fails, then we want the second NIC to
 come up and assume
the primary's ip address. If it is supported, what version of VMS is required
 and what NICs are supported?

The Answer is :

  There have been some discussions around controller-level IP address
  duplication and this may well end up being implemented in a future
  version of the TCP/IP Services package.
  In the interim, this result can be organized with manual operations,
  but failover is not as transparent as could be desired.  Alternatively,
  an external NetRAIN box -- an IP address translation gateway -- may be
  an option.
  There is no dependency on the NIC nor on the OpenVMS version.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-SEP-2000 )

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