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TCP/IP Version? Telnet Print Stalling?

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The Question is:

Two questions actually.
1.  We are currently using UCX 5.0a, is this the latest version, or are there
 patches for the above version?
2.  We have set-up telnet print queues using the TELNETSYM process on DECServer
 90M's.  This particular site has about 17 queues, on a Alpha DS10.  After a
 day or two, these prints become slower, i.e. if you send two reports to a
 print queue one after the
 other, the first report will print, the queue will tell you it's printing the
 second, after a moment or two, the queue will go stalled, and then after about
 3 or 4 mins (this time is variable from print queue to print queue), the
 second report will print
Is there some parameter, counter or quota been exceeded causing this, or do I
 need the latest version of UCX?  Can someone help me please?

The Answer is :

  As of October 2000, V5.0A with ECO is the most recent version.
  Please see topic 1020 for the retry settings and related information.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-OCT-2000 )

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