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TCP/IP (not) responding to ICMP Ping?

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The Question is:

Why won't a UCX 4.2 client on VMS 6.2 answer a broadcast ping from another
 machine on the same subnet? I want these machines to be able to communicate if
 we lose the router and/or DNS.  I put two basic NT boxes on the same subnet,
 and configured them with
 IP address, mask, and gateway ONLY.  They can ping each other, but NOT the VMS
 boxes?  VMS machines cannot ping each other if not found in the DNS/BIND
 server.  Surely there is a simple solution here, but I am an NT LanLord, with
 very little VMS/UCX expe
P.S.  We cannot upgrade from VMS 6.2 until the Bailey software will run on a
 later version.

The Answer is :

  TCP/IP Services will most definitely respond to an ICMP ping.
  Assuming that TCP/IP Services has been correctly configured, licensed,
  and started, please simplify the network configuration and try using
  techniques such as raw IP addresses, and work to determine what sort
  of network reachability problem(s) exists within this environment.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-SEP-2000 )

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