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Increasing SYSTARTUP process quotas?

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The Question is:

During our site specific startup routine I am receiving an error during
 execution of a an initialization program.  This program initializes a common
 section that gets the majority of its data from a RDB database.  The error
 received is the following :
%DEBUGBOOT-W-EXENQLM, exceeded enqueue quota
%NONAME-F-NOMSG, Message number 00DDA454
-SYSTEM-F-EXENQLM, exceeded enqueue quota
After seeing this error I placed a "show process/quota" before the program that
 caused this error and it shows that the enqueue quota is 96.  This confuses me
 since the system account has a quota of 2000 and I assumed the boot sequence
 uses the system quo
tas.  Is this a correct assumption?
However, I can run this program successfully from the command line after the
 boot sequence is complete using multiple accounts.  Also, the program will
 complete running as as a detached process during boot.  This is not desirable
 because other processes g
et started later that are dependent on this data.
What can I do to have this work during boot without running it as a detached
Jamie Norris

The Answer is :

  Please SUBMIT or RUN/DETACH the specified job, as it clearly
  requires larger process quota settings than are available in
  the (rather limited) context of the system startup.  (Your
  alternative is to patch the OpenVMS bootstrap to increase the
  process quota settings.  This patch is not recommended and not

answer written or last revised on ( 24-OCT-2000 )

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