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Recovering from corrupt RIGHTSLIST?

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The Question is:

My new DS10 has an identifier with a corrupt (garbage) name which cannot be
 deleted using Authorize.  It's just a visual nuisance, but is there another
 way to delete it from rightslist.dat such a by value?
The system account has the bad id so I can't just delete/recreate the users to
 solve this problem.

The Answer is :

  Via direct RMS access to the RIGHTSLIST file, of course.
  If you have few or no non-UIC identifiers -- identifiers other than
  those associated with the usernames and specifically with the UICs
  of the usernames -- you could log the binary values of these other
  non-UIC identifiers, recreate RIGHTSLIST, and re-enter the non-UIC
  identifiers.  (The identifiers associated with usernames can easily
  be recreated.)
  Please contact the Customer Support Center with details of the
  corrupt identifier and (if you know it) how the corrupt identifer
  came about.
  Topics specific to unintential initialization or the overwriting of
  disk and tape media include (1286) and (6990).
  For errors resulting from file structure, directory structure, or
  file structure corruptions, please see topics such as (1213), (4088),
  (4571), (5071), (5553), (5719), (6021), (6234).
  If you want to overwrite the data on the media, related topics include
  (841), (3926), (4286), (4598), and (7320).

answer written or last revised on ( 24-JUN-2002 )

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