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Seeking DEC 3000 hardware/diagnostic info?

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The Question is:

I have a DEC 3000 Model 800.  When I attempt to boot it from the auxiliary
 console, it goes through the power-on self-test, diagnostic display counts
 down from 0xFD to 0xEF, and hangs.  Nothing is displayed on the terminal.  I
 hhave the terminal connected
 to the "printer" (MMJ) connector on the back.  The terminal and cable are
 fine, the S3 switch is in the correct position.  The 0xEF display indicates
 that the SROM diagnostics passed, and control has been transferred to the
 console firmware.  I don't hav
e a graphics card and keyboard/mouse to try and boot it that way.  Do you have
 any ideas of what could be wrong?  Where can I find information on the
 diagnostic codes less than 0xF0?  Thanks,

The Answer is :

  Please contact your hardware service organization, or please contact the
  Compaq Customer Support Center, or contact the Compaq Assisted Services
  folks (CAS information is listed in the FAQ).

answer written or last revised on ( 18-SEP-2000 )

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