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RAS and PATHWORKS PDC authentication?

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The Question is:

I have contacted Compaq in the UK and Holland and not got an answer as this
 question involves both NT and Pathworks, seemingly never the twain should meet.
It is the usual question about RAS
I understand from reading questions about RAS that Pathworks does not support
We have many NT servers and I want to get RAS working
Our PDC is a DEC Alphaserver 1000 running PW7.1
We have a new Alphaserver DS10 running PATHWORKS V6.0B for OpenVMS (Advanced
 Server) this is also a BDC
A Vax only running VMS
A number of NT Servers running NT4
One for MSExchange. This machine I set up to run RAS for dialling into.
I was told that if I installed a NT4 BDC that I would get RAS to work.
This I duly did
I can dial into this system and always could, but I cannot get a licence.
 Therefore I cannot see anything in the network neighbourhood.
By using PCAnywhere. I can see all PCAnywhere enabled devices. So IP is working.
Our License server is the pathworks server, and everyone logs in and gets a
 server licence.
Should I set up some users specifically as NT only users for RAS to work?
Someone there must have got RAS to work on a mixed PW and NT network.

The Answer is :

  Please request escalation of your current problem report with the
  support center, as additional details will be required.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-SEP-2000 )

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