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DCPS and HP 4050, 4500 series printer?

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The Question is:

Running Dcps 1.8 on openvms 6.3 on alpha
Need to define queues to support 4050TN
The printer queue- prints the first job OK, then when you submit the second job
 from VMS it goes into a stopped state until you start the queue again. I have
 tried different reste modules, but none seem to work. The personality is set
 to postscript...I kn
ow other people are printing ok by using escape sequences to rest the printer
 but so far i have had no luck...can you help!

The Answer is :

  DCPS V1.8 does not currently support the HP 4050 series printers.
  Please first ensure that you have the current ECO kit for TCP/IP
  Services V4.2 applied, and please also see topic 1020 for the usual
  sorts of IP printing problems.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is aware of some customers that have succeeded in
  using ip_rawtcp access to communicate via port 9100 on the HP 4500 and
  4050 series printers.  Reportedly, you will need to use the printer's
  configuration menu to select "PS" rather than the default "Auto".
  The OpenVMS Wizard has NOT tested the following, but has been informed
  that this sequence appears to work in various cases:
    First, you can apparently use the printer tray select from the
    existing DCPS-supported HP 4000 series printers:
    Then add the following to the DCPS startup:
        DCPS_DEVCTL_HP4500_LIB -
    While in the DCPS startup, add the /LIBRARY qualifier to initialize
    the relationship between the HP 4050 queue and the associated library:

answer written or last revised on ( 21-SEP-2000 )

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