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Seeking NT and Solaris programming help?

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The Question is:

I am trying to read a binary file that was produced on an Alpha machine running
The binary  file is downloaded to an NT machine.
I can read everything except the quadword date fields.
Can you give me some 'C' or 'C++" source code that will convert this date into
 a Unix (or NT) equivalent as seconds since Jan 01 1970?  As you know, the NT
 OS does not support a quadword - and only some Unixes do - and even then there
 would have to be som
e byte swabbing, I would imagine.
I also have a SUN box, which does have an extended 64bit integer.
Eventually I would like to be able to read the same binary data on both machines.

The Answer is :

  You have reached the OpenVMS Wizard, and not the Windows NT nor the Sun
  Solaris programming Wizard.  Please contact the appropriate Wizard for
  further assistance with programming on the particular target platform.
  What mechanisms or services or time formats might be available varies
  by platform.
  The OpenVMS quadword time format is the integer number of 100 nanosecond
  ticks since the system base date of 17-Nov-1858.
  Of course, you could also convert the time on OpenVMS (there are more
  than a few conversion routines available in OpenVMS) into a C- or into
  a UTC-format text representation, and then pass that text over to the
  remote system.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-SEP-2000 )

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