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DECwindows Documentation, Login Customization?

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The Question is:

With the DECwindows interface we could add a login message (a liability message
 about only using this system for work) by setting DECW$LOGINLOGO to a graphic
 file. This displayed before the user entered anything. With the new desktop,
 this isn't happening
. Is there someway to set the up on the CDE?
And by the way, are there only hardcopies of the CDE manuals mentioned in
 section 1.8.1 of the Getting Started manual? I didn't see these listed
 anywhere in the OpenVMS documentation.

The Answer is :

  Depending on the length of the message, create or update a local
  version of the following file:
  and locate the copy in in:
  and then take a look at the GREETING information in the copy.
  For example, add the following line to the file:
Dtlogin*greeting.labelString: Welcome to %LocalHost% \nUnauthorized Use
of this system is \n Strictly Prohibited.
  No carriage returns or other characters can exist within this text line.
  Documentation part numbers follow:
    QA-MV4AB-H8 Compaq DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS Alpha media and
                Bookreader (user and programming)
    QA-XA1AA-GZ Hardcopy Motif User Documentation (VAX and Alpha)
    QA-XA1AB-GZ Hardcopy Motif Programming Documentation (VAX and Alpha)
  The DECwindows Motif user and programming documentation sets apply to
  DECwindows Motif on both the VAX and Alpha operating systems. If you
  are ordering DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS on a CD, you will receive
  both the user documentation and most of the programming documentation
  in Bookreader format. This documentation set includes:
  o  DECwindows Motif Version 1.2-4 for OpenVMS Documentation
  o  DECwindows Motif Version 1.2-5 for OpenVMS Release Notes
  o  DECwindows Motif Version 1.2-5 for OpenVMS Installation Guide
  o  Guide to the DECwindows Motif Version 1.2-5 for OpenVMS CD-ROM
  o  Getting Started with the New Desktop
  o  Using DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS
  o  Managing DECwindows for OpenVMS Systems
  o  DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS Applications Guide
  o  Overview of DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS
  o  DECwindows Extensions to Motif
  o  DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS Guide to Non-C Bindings
  o  VMS DECwindows Device Driver Manual
  o  VMS DECwindows Transport Manual
  o  DECwindows Companion to the OSF/Motif Style Guide
  o  Porting XUI Applications to Motif
  o  DECwindows Motif Guide to Application Programming
  o  VMS DECwindows Guide to Xlib (Release 4) Programming: MIT C Binding
  o  VMS DECwindows Guide to Xlib (Release 4) Programming: VAX Binding
  o  OSF/Motif Programmer's Guide
  o  OSF/Motif Style Guide
  CDE Documentation
  The Common Desktop Environment (CDE) manuals are provided in support
  of the New Desktop. These manuals are included in the DECwindows Motif
  H-kit CD-ROM in HTML format and can be read using a browser like
  Netscape Navigator, whose use is permitted by the DECwindows Motif Version
  1.2-3, Version 1.2-4 and Version 1.2-5 license. For more information
  about the location of the manuals on the CD-ROM, see the Guide
  to the DECwindows Motif Version 1.2-5 for OpenVMS CD-ROM.
  Some of the CDE manuals are also separately orderable from Compaq in
  hardcopy format. Please note that the order numbers in this list apply
  to the hardcopy manuals only.
  o  Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide: AA-QTLNA-TE
  o  Common Desktop Environment: Advanced User's and System Administrator's
     Guide: AA-QTLQA-TE

answer written or last revised on ( 22-SEP-2000 )

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