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The Question is:

i have error on my UCX DIGITAL TCP/IP Ver.4.0
if i change the configuration i always get
%UCX-E-INVRECORD, invalid information
after i check the 'ask the wizard' i just get the answer openVMS digital TCP/IP
 ECO 3 service kit with fix bla..bla..bla..
i don't know that means..?
i just want to know what happend with that errors ??
and what should i do for that problems ??
sorry for my bad english..

The Answer is :

  What does this error specifically mean?  This error usually means that
  your TCP/IP Services database is corrupted.  As for specifically how
  the database became corrupted, the OpenVMS Wizard does not know.
  Empirically, this error means that your version of TCP/IP Services is
  very old, and that something has clearly gone wrong with the local
  configuration or the local configuration database.  This problem is
  not unheard of, and the usual approach to resolve this class of problem
  this is try to reproduce the problem on the current product version.
  There have been substantial changes to TCP/IP Services since V4.0 (and
  there were changes to the database formats in V4.0), and the OpenVMS
  Wizard is not in a position to determine if this is one of the problems
  that has been addressed, nor is the OpenVMS Wizard in a position to
  determine the particular cause of this "%UCX-E-INVRECORD, invalid
  information" error -- the OpenVMS Wizard does assume that this is
  something you wish to resolve, and the easiest way is to either
  reconfigure the node or (better) to move forward to the version of
  TCP/IP Services best able to operate with OpenVMS Alpha V6.2.
  Again, please acquire a TCP/IP Services V4.2 distribution kit from the
  consolidated distribution or as a special order from Compaq or your
  Compaq reseller, and please acquire the current V4.2 ECO kit from the
  consolidated ECO kit distribution or from the Compaq Customer Support
  Center or from the ECO website:
  The top-level area for FTP transfers of (generally-released) ECO
  kits is:

answer written or last revised on ( 25-SEP-2000 )

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