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DECwindows graphics and numbers of colors?

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The Question is:

In my display settings it only gives me the option for 2 or 16 colors I've
 tried several differant profiles that are on my computer I can't seem to get
 the option for more colors

The Answer is :

  As this question could easily appear to be a reference to a PC system
  and to PC-based graphics and graphics configurations, please visit:
  If this is an OpenVMS system, the OpenVMS Wizard will require details
  on the VAX or Alpha platform, on the particular graphics controller,
  and on the version and ECO of DECwindows installed on the system.
  If this is an OpenVMS Alpha system, the number of colours is controlled
  by the logical name DECW$SERVER_PIXEL_DEPTH, defined in the file:
  This logical name can take values 8, 16, 24 or 32 -- please check the
  documentation for your specific display adapter to find out what pixel
  depths are supported.  The logical name value can be set up as a search
  list, providing different settings for each display in a multi-headed
  DECwindows configuration; when there are multiple workstation displays
  and associated graphics controllers present.  For example, the logical
    $ define/exec/system/nolog decw$server_pixel_depth  8,24
  sets the primary display to be 256 colours (8 bit) and the secondary to
  16777216 colours (24 bit).
  If the above does not answer your OpenVMS question, please contact the
  Compaq Customer Support Center and please expect to be asked for the
  above-mentioned system and software configuration information.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-SEP-2000 )

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