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Personal Workstation -a? IDE CD-ROM?

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The Question is:

Hi VMS' Wizards,
Please forgive me for the easy question, but I'm a newbie on OpenVMS. I'm
 trying to load OpenVMS 7.2 on a spare 500a machine with IDE CD-ROM  (although
 SRM reports 500au).
OpenVMS loads OK, but  it hangs after "jumping to boostrap code" , for
I found a solution for OpenVMS 7.1 , ie the  ECO alpdriv10_071, that I
 downloaded via FTP.
Now the question are: Is it still valid for version 7.2 ?
How do I recreate the disk to 'boot -fl 0,80000 dqa0, dva0' ?? I mean, I got
 the file: How can I create the disk in a way is understood  by the boot
 process ??? Please note that I do not have any other VMS machine (this is a
 spare machine from my office t
hat I brough home and I got the Hobbst Licence).
Thanks a million.

The Answer is :

  The Personal Workstation -a series platform is NOT supported by
  OpenVMS.  Various models of the Personal Workstation -a series do
  have various hardware-level differences from the -au series.
  The OpenVMS Wizard will assume that all PCI widgets are supported
  by OpenVMS.
  Further, there are variations of the -au series which do not permit
  IDE bootstraps.  In particular, systems with the Cypress chip can
  bootstrap OpenVMS from IDE CD-ROM or from SCSI CD-ROM, while systems
  with the Intel SIO must bootstrap from SCSI CD-ROM.
  Current OpenVMS distribution kits do correctly bootstrap from IDE-based
  CD-ROM media on those Personal Workstation systems that have support for
  it.  (eg: those members of the -au series with the Cypress chip.)
  There are no VMSINSTAL-based OpenVMS ECO kits (eg: ALPDRIV10_071) for
  OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2 and later.  Only PCSI-based ECO kits are used,
  and VMSINSTAL-based ECO kits cannot and should not be installed on
  OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2 and later.

answer written or last revised on ( 25-SEP-2000 )

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