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rexec connection reset by peer?

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The Question is:

Try this and explain why it does not work.
from a windows NT 4.0 machine command promp (Dos)
enter the following.
REXEC VaxNode -l Username -n Wait 10
(wait 10 demonstrates any program or command which takes iupto 10 mins to run)
if to get the error after... say 5 mins:
recv failed: Connection reset by peer
Please explain why this has happened and the solution.

The Answer is :

  A protocol trace has been performed, and has identified that the
  Microsoft Windows 2000 system correctly initiates the rexec session,
  and that OpenVMS properly responds to it.  At four minutes, the
  Windows 2000 system sends a FIN to OpenVMS on the syserr connection,
  OpenVMS ACKs the FIN, responds with a FIN and sends a FIN on rexec
  port 512, and the Windows 2000 system then responds with an RST.
  This protocol sequence appears odd for the following reasons:
     o Generating the FIN at four minutes, and for no apparent reason.
     o Responding with an RST, when the FIN is returned.
     o Displaying "connection reset by peer", when the local system reset
       the connection -- and not by the peer.
  Based on the protocol trace, TCP/IP Services is responding appropriately
  to the received FIN and a rather odd sequence.
  Please report this problem to Microsoft Customer Support, as the protocol
  trace points to problem(s) with the Windows 2000 rexec client.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-OCT-2000 )

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